Essential Tools and Materials for a Successful Tile Installation

Make sure you have all the Tools and Materials you need before starting your Tile installation job. Stopping mid-job to run out to the home supply store is not fun and will slow the job down.


  1. Measuring tape
  2. Bubble Level or Laser Level
  3. Notched trowel
  4. Tile cutter
  5. Tile saw
  6. Tile nippers
  7. Tile spacers
  8. Grout float
  9. Sponges
  10. 5 Gallon Buckets
  11. Mixing paddle
  12. Drill
  13. Rubber mallet
  14. Utility knife
  15. Caulk gun


  1. Cement board (acquire at local home improvement store)
  2. Cement board screws
  3. Cement board underlayment
  4. Thinset mortar
  5. Caulk
  6. Grout
  7. Grout Sealer
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